Farm to Fork

Hi Friends! 

I had my second lecture yesterday for my holistic nutrition program and I am loving it. The program is based on the “Eating for Health” model created by the school’s founder and president, Dr. Ed Bauman.  The Eating for Health model highlights a plant-based diet that emphasizes whole foods and local, seasonal produce. It’s really more of a lifestyle than a diet and I love that it does not restrict any one food group. The model is not vegetarian/vegan, for example, it allows for lean, organic sources of protein of your choice. It’s about choosing to be conscious of the food you decide to put in your body and also developing a connection with your food and the environment. 

Another thing I’m loving about class is snack time. Each of us students signed up to perform two “snack” demonstrations where we make a recipe in class and also provide the nutritional benefits of the ingredients. Yesterday the snack was Curried Coconut Apple Bowls. The filling was coconut yogurt, walnuts, chopped apple, coconut flakes, and raisins with a little cinnamon, curry powder, and raw honey. May sound a little different but it was delicious and look at the cute apple “bowl”:


My school is in Sonoma County and I drive out there from Elk Grove for class each week. I’m lucky because my boyfriend’s family lives only 5 minutes away from the school. This week I was driving to their house from class, when I noticed a little farm just up the street called “Darling Farms”.  I pulled over to check out their produce because I was planning to cook for the family that night. I was warmly greeted by the owners and told that the produce was local and organic and if there was anything I needed that I didn’t see, they could pick it for me. I asked about carrots and kale, and my new friend “Doc” (he used to be a dentist) gave me a little tour of the farm and harvested both for me right then and there!


Now, we definitely have access to some great farmer’s markets and produce stands where I live but I have not had the pleasure of having my produce picked fresh right before me. It was so cool and the owners of the farm were so kind. I got all of the produce I needed for dinner that night and then some for a measly $11!

IMG_4347I made these super bean burritos for dinner with only a few additions. I added some cumin and chili powder to the veggie mix and we had the burritos with some fresh salsa a la Mama Jones. I love this recipe because you can freeze the leftover burritos for an easy lunch! Another proponent of the Eating for Health model is to eat “S.O.U.L.” food, or Seasonal, Organic, Unadulterated, and Local. It really was fun and exciting to use this “soul” produce for our dinner. It may sound a little funny but it was totally satisfying to truly eat farm to fork!

IMG_4345Cookin’ with the fam 🙂                                                                                               




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