Hi! I’m Stephanie and I’m a twenty-something girl living in the Sacramento area. I recently left my full-time office job to return to school for something I am quite passionate about: holistic nutrition. I decided to start this blog to share my experience with school as well as my day to day life. I love food, wine, cooking, all things spicy, and wait, did I mention wine?

I’ve always been an active person and in the past few years have discovered my love for yoga (especially hot vinyasa flow) running, and my weekly bootcamp gym class. I did not always like running and it took me a loong time to really get into it. I started with a few 5k’s and eventually got up to running my first half marathon last year. I have now run two half-marathons and my third is coming up next month.

What else…I live with my boyfriend and my cat Pyro, my elbows are “double jointed” (trust me, this made cheerleading in high school difficult at times), and I am guilty of putting hot sauce on about 97.9% of my food. I also studied abroad in Siena, Italy when I was in college and absolutely loved it. The food, the culture, the…wine.

The name of this blog reflects my ever-changing personal journey to find a balanced, happy life while enjoying the things I love and staying healthy. I like both kale and chocolate (not together…hmm wait, no), watching all-day Game of Thrones marathons on the couch and then getting up early on Saturday morning for a run.  For me, a happy, healthy life comes down to one keyword: balance.  🙂


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